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Open Your New Gym in Ghana

Why You Should Open Your New Gym in Ghana In various countries throughout the world, interest in physical fitness is at a record high. People are looking to enhance their lives by engaging in a regular exercise program.  From small towns to growing suburban communities and small to large cities, opening a new gym provides […]

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How to Open a Gym in 7 steps

What steps does it take to open a gym? There’s a lot involved in starting any new business and opening a gym is no exception. Following this Step-by-Step guide will help guide you through the process, so that your new gym can get up and running quickly and you can start enjoying a career as […]

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How to use weight machines

How To Use Weight Machines a simple how to guide As a New Gym Specialist, all sorts of people come to me wanting help in opening a new gym.  Often, the new owner has no fitness industry experience, but sees the real opportunity that gym ownership brings.  They understand that having the best modern equipment […]

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