5 Reasons To Open A Gym During The Pandemic

As we have all witnessed, 2020 has been an unusual and often difficult year for most types of businesses due to the COVID-19 outbreak and ensuing pandemic.  With the year now coming to an end, it is a great time to survey the business landscape and see what type of business is now perfect to open today and for the future.

For a variety of reasons, there is a Huge Opportunity Now for anyone who wants to open a new gym.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Open a New Gym today –

  1. People want to get back into the gym – The shutdowns that have happened due to the pandemic forced people out of their regular gym routine. Trying to maintain some level of their fitness, many people bought small pieces of fitness equipment for them to use at home, (dumbbells, a spinning bike, a weight bench, etc.). Although this home workout was better than nothing, many soon discovered that it simply was not nearly as effective nor as enjoyable as training at the gym.  Working out at home does not offer the same equipment variety, level of intensity and atmosphere that you find in a modern, well-equipped gym.  That’s why you see so much of this home gym equipment now being re-sold by these same people who have no use for it.Gyms are an important part of many people’s daily lives.  A properly equipped gym offers different types of selectorized machines, free weight and plate loaded equipment, cardio machines and more that allows people to train in various methods in order to achieve first class results.  A gym also provides a safe, healthy meeting place where people gather with the common purpose of enhancing their lives.  A gym membership shows that others that a person is committed to a healthy lifestyle.

    You can’t do that at home by yourself.  That’s why people are excited and anxious to join a gym right now and get back to their lives.


  1. Gyms need new equipment – COVID-19 has brought to the forefront the importance of cleanliness in all aspects of living and the gym business is no exception. Gyms with old equipment and flooring can be breeding grounds for bacteria. Before COVID-19, the standard in gyms was to wipe down equipment, but it was often done only occasionally and haphazardly at best.  Because so many members use the same equipment, old equipment has years of handling, sweat and bacteria that may be compounded and engrained in it over that time.Do NOT open a new gym with used equipment!  Even if the equipment has been cleaned or refurbished, it is still equipment that has been handled by hundreds or more members over years.  With the heightened awareness of cleanliness brought about by COVID-19, people want to be assured that they are training in a clean and safe environment.  The stigma attached to used gym equipment can make people not want to train on it.

    Opening a gym with new, modern equipment allows you to offer your members a new, safe and hygienic environment where they will feel comfortable exercising without worrying about safety.

    Opening a gym now with new equipment gives you a significant edge on existing gyms that are offering only their used equipment to train on.


  1. People NEED to get into the gym – The temporary shutdowns imposed by various governments to stop the spread of COVID-19 has resulted in an alarming increase in weight gain. It has even spawned a new term – the “Quarantine 15” – which represents the 15 pound weight gain that a lot of people have put on while locked out of their gym. In fact, 80% of the population gained weight during the pandemic.With the myriad of health issues associated with obesity, it is essential for people to now begin or to get back into a regular exercise program.

    By opening a gym now, you will be able to capture this new, large base of people who need to get back in shape and who are looking for the new gym to join.


  1. Locations are very available – An unfortunate side effect to the recent business shutdowns in order to stop the spread of the virus is that many businesses have closed and will not reopen. Because of these closures, there is now a large amount of vacant buildings that are ideally suited for a new gym. These locations include strip mall vacancies, stand alone buildings, warehouse spaces and more.  Because a gym does not require the same high visibility location that a retail store requires, any of these above locations can be perfect for a new gym.Buildings are usually easy to convert into a gym because a gym only needs an open, well lit space with ample ceiling height as its main area.  Smaller areas for things like an office or restrooms are easily partitioned off.  Converting an existing space into a gym is not only simple, but it costs far less than what is required for other types of businesses.

    Building owners need to fill their vacant locations and, with so many vacancies prevalent now, the time is right for anyone who wants to negotiate a great deal with a landlord and open a new gym.


  1. People want to support a privately owned, local gym – The pandemic has shown the importance that small, privately owned businesses play in their communities. With communities now recovering and rebuilding, people are looking to support a locally owned and operated gym. Unlike huge corporately owned gym chains and franchises with faceless owners, these smaller, locally owned gyms that are based in local communities heighten the sense of community itself.  They help to bring the community together and are a safe and healthy haven for residents of the community.  A local, privately owned community gym benefits the community as a whole while its members enjoy the many health and social benefits of belonging to the gym.In this pandemic and post-pandemic era, people are reconnecting with their local community and looking to rebuild its integrity.  Supporting a new, privately owned and operated local gym is an ideal way to help their community grow back and be stronger than before.

    These 5 points detailed above are just a few of the many reasons why now, in the face of the pandemic and its aftermath, it is an ideal time to open a new gym in your local community.


Written by Bill at BAMPSCO International Inc. / Gymstarters