Gymstarters Packages – It’s Like Shopping at Costco

In today’s economy, it’s more important than ever to get the best value for your dollar.  Wholesale shopping clubs like Costco and Sam’s Club have been designed to provide consumers with lower pricing based on their bulk purchases.  This approach allows people to get more products and pay less per item, bringing them huge savings and creating a greater value for their dollars spent.  The continued success of these places shows that savvy consumers are aware that it pays to buy in bulk from a single location.

Gymstarters approach. has taken this proven Costco concept and applied it to purchases of gym equipment like no one else in the fitness industry.  We create Complete Gym Packages and offer them at Significantly Reduced Pricing to give people the best value for their dollar.  Our deep industry connections and full container purchasing gives us great purchasing power that we then pass on to our people looking to open new gyms.  That equals Fantastic Savings for anyone looking to open a new gym.

What’s more, our Packages feature our State-of-the-Art gym equipment to assure that you are getting the absolute best for less.  Using this high quality equipment in our Gym Packages means that you don’t have to compromise on the quality of your equipment to stay within your budget.  With, your new gym will be properly outfitted with the right equipment to attract prospective members and retain existing ones.  The pleasing modern aesthetics and high-end functionality combine to make your gym the most special gym in your area so that your gym is the place to train.

Custom Gym Packages at a discount.

Then, we take the Costco concept one step further by creating Custom Gym Packages that are specifically designed to suit the individual needs of each person we work with.  A new gym specialist works closely and individually with each new gym owner to bring their vision of their new gym to life.  With, you are never forced to choose a pre-conceived gym package or to get something that’s not the right fit.  Together, you and your new gym specialist continue to craft and hone your Gym Package until it’s just right for you.

For a finishing touch, we even include the shipping into your Package so that you get Discounted Package Pricing on that as well!  That’s a big help with the way that shipping costs fluctuate.

With decades of experience, free consulting services and our Costco-like approach to bulk purchase savings, anyone looking to open a new gym or update an existing gym owes it to themselves to see what can do for them.

Contact today to speak with a new gym specialist and get started on your way to owning and operating a successful gym.

It’s simple – Just like at Costco, the more you get in your Package, the greater your savings and the better your overall deal.

Written by Bill at BAMPSCO International Inc. / Gymstarters