Commercial Gym Equipment Package- 6,500 sq ft

This 6,500 square foot gym equipment package consists of the following new commercial equipment:

7 BH LK700i Treadmill
5 BHLK700X Elliptical
10 Impact PT3000V Spin Bike
1 Impact PT6705 Ind. Conv. Flat Chest Press
1 Impact PT6710 Ind. Conv. Incline Chest Press
1 Impact PT6715 Ind. Conv. Shoulder Press
1 Impact PT6720 Ind. Bicep Curl
1 Impact PT6733 Tricep Dip
1 Impact PT6735 Ind. Div. Lever Lat Pulldown
1 Impact PT6730 Ind. Div. Seated Row
1 Impact PT6661 Leverage Ab Crunch
1 Impact PT6741 T-Bar Row
1 Impact PT6742 Bentover Lever Row
1 Impact TH9946D Leverage Leg Press
1 Impact TH9946S Leverage Hack Squat
1 Impact PT6746D Forty-Five degree Leg Press
1 Impact PT6745 Ind. Leverage Leg Extension
1 Impact PT6750A Standing Leg Curl
1 Impact TH9945 Seated Calf

1 Impact LC9000L Iron Man Training Tower, Loaded
1 Impact LC7000 3D Smith Machine
2 Impact TH9942 Olympic Flat Bench
2 Impact TH9943 Olympic Incline Bench
1 Impact TH9944 Olympic Decline Bench
1 Impact TH9950A Olympic Military Bench
1 Impact TH9941 Seated Arm Curl
2 Impact PT6642 Power Rack
1 Impact PT6677A Leg Raise / Dip / Chin
1 Impact TH9972 Forty-Five degree Hyper Extension
2 Impact TH9952 Adj. Decline Sit Up Bench
1 Impact TH9940 Flat Bench
2 Impact TH9953 Adjustable Bench
1 Impact TH9970 Seated Utility Bench
1 Troy PFD-C Pro Style Dumbbell Set, 5-150 lbs
3 Troy DR-10 Dumbbell Rack w/ Saddles
8 Troy AOB-1200B Olympic Power Bar
8 Troy TOZC-1/2G Spring Collar (pair)
Troy PO Olympic Plates, 9,000 lbs

Commercial Gym Equipment Package- 6,500 sq ft

MSRP $178,270.00
Delivery and/or installation are additional
Contact us to customize this package for your specific gym

This package includes the following products:

  • Triumph Series TH9942 - Olympic Flat Bench
  • Triumph Series TH9943 - Olympic Incline Bench
  • Triumph Series TH9944 - Olympic Decline Bench
  • Triumph Series TH9950A - Olympic Shoulder Press Bench
  • Triumph Series TH9941 - Seated Arm Curl
  • Triumph Series TH9972 - 45 Degree Hyper Extension
  • Triumph Series TH9952 - Adjustable Decline Sit-Up Bench
  • Triumph Series TH9940 - Flat Bench
  • Triumph Series TH9953 - Adjustable Bench
  • Triumph Series TH9970 - Seated Utility Bench
  • Triumph Series TH9945 - Seated Calf
  • LC9000L Loaded Iron Man Training Tower
  • BH Fitness LK700Ti Treadmill
  • BH Fitness LK700x Full Commercial Elliptical
  • Impact Fitness Equipment PV3000V Full Commercial Spin Bike
  • Triumph Series PT6705 Independent Converging Flat Chest Press
  • Triumph Series PT6710 Independent Converging Incline Chest Press
  • Triumph Series PT6715 Independent Converging Shoulder Press
  • Triumph Series PT6720 Independent Bicep Arm Curl
  • Triumph Series PT6733 Tricep Dip
  • Triumph Series PT6735 Independent Diverging Lever Lat Pulldown
  • Triumph Series PT6730 Diverging Seated Row
  • Triumph Series PT6731 Abdominal Crunch
  • Triumph Series PT6661 Leverage Ab Crunch
  • Triumph Series PT6741 T-Bar Row
  • Triumph Series PT6742 Bentover Lever Row
  • Triumph Series TH9946D Leverage Leg Press
  • Triumph Series TH9946S Leverage Hack Squat
  • Triumph Series PT6745 Independent Leg Extension
  • Triumph Series PT6750A Standing Leg Curl
  • LC7000 3D Smith Machine
  • Triumph Series PT6642 Power Rack
  • Triumph Series PT6677A Leg Raise / Dip / Chin

Impact Fitness Triumph Series Features:

  • Precision welded Full Commercial 2 x 4 11 gauge (120 wall) high tensile Oval Steel tubing frames provides the elegant look and durability for the modern fitness center
  • Converging and Diverging axis correctly align the user’s joints for a natural, comfortable feel throughout the exercise range of motion
  • Easy-to-Understand detailed instruction placards minimize staff supervision and help members “get it right” the first time
  • Variable resistance Cams and Counterweights ensure a proper strength training curve for safer, more comfortable workouts
  • Front Weight Stack Enclosure made of heavy duty integrated PMMA panel provides the optimum in tensile and flexural strength while adding to the high end aesthetics of the machines
  • Rear Weight Stack Enclosure made of 16 gauge steel with durable powder coated finish provides extra privacy for users and added structural integrity
  • Stylish Neutral Marine Blue Upholstery on Matte Finish Silver Frames brightens your facility for a welcoming workout experience
  • Single function, Dual function, Free Weight and Plate Loaded Equipment
  • Color touch points for safety and ease of use for even novice members
  • Laser cut high resistant wear surfaces on Olympic benches bar holders to protect frame finish
  • Smooth Pneumatic EZ pop pin adjustments
  • 32 oz. Heavy Marine Grade Upholstery for long lasting wear even in heavy use gyms
  • Wide range of adjustments to accommodate various users
  • Top Stitched Upholstery maintains proper shape over time
  • Fiberglas reinforced nylon pulleys are precision matched to specific cable diameter
  • Linear bearings where applicable for smooth, quiet operation
  • Range of Motion (ROM) adjustments where applicable on select machines
  • Angled Foot plates and hand grips where needed to reduce joint stress
  • Vinyl covered rollers with end caps prevent possible injury from passers by
  • Floor protecting rubber feet
  • Integrated Nickel Chrome Plated Weight Storage Posts on Olympic Benches and more
  • Magnetic tip weight stack pins keep the pin in place during the exercise motion
  • Non-Slip Rubber Oversized Hand Grips for comfort and safety
  • Superior comfort and conditioning results
  • Pre-Stretch start position on select machines maximizes muscle range of motion
  • Contact us to customize this package for your specific gym