Open A Gym In Nigeria Today

People all over the world are becoming successful by opening new gyms and, in today’s market, Nigeria provides an excellent opportunity for anyone who is looking to open a gym and enter this exciting industry.  With a booming global economy, a large and growing population and a culture of warmth and friendliness, Nigeria provides the perfect location for several types of gyms.  These are the 4 types of gyms that are ideal to open right now in Nigeria –

  • Full Scale Coed Membership Gyms
  • Sports Performance Training Facilities
  • Apartment Complex Gyms
  • Intimate Personal Training Studios

Full Scale Coed Membership Gym

The standard in the fitness industry, a coed membership gym is one that is open to men and women and offers a wide variety of equipment to suit the different training preferences of various people.  Although a varied selection of equipment is needed, a coed membership gym does NOT need to be large.  Many of these types of gyms are extremely profitable in a room size of 185 to 288 meters squared.  A gym of this size can be run very efficiently without excessive monthly operating costs or the need for additional equipment.

By working with a New Gym Specialist, you will get the proper amount and variety of equipment to help assure that you meet the needs of your members without overspending.

Nigeria’s growing population and nearly 50/50 male to female split make it ideal for new gyms.  Here are some facts about the Population of Nigeria –

  • With around 190 million people, Nigeria is the 2nd largest country in the entire African continent
  • Nigeria has the MOST inhabitants of any African nation
  • Roughly 18% of the continent’s population live in Nigeria
  • Nigeria has 8 cities with over 1 million people
  • Lagos is the most populous Nigerian city with an estimated 15 million people
  • Nigeria is the one of the most populous country in the world
  • Nigeria has had a 60% growth rate over only 2 decades

These above facts show the growth and density of the population of Nigeria.  Along with this growth comes the need for modern equipped gyms to satisfy the demands of the modern Nigerian culture.

NOTE: The population of Nigeria is estimated to reach 444 million by 2050.  This is a booming market for a new gym with vast growth potential.

Sports Performance Training Facility

Nigeria boasts a large youth population, with more than 90 million people falling into that category.  Only China and India have a larger youth population.  The youthful population presents a great opportunity for gyms catering to athletic performance either to enhance youths for school athletic programs or to engage youths in healthy lifestyle choices.

Soccer is the number one sport in Nigeria, but boxing, (both standard and Dambe martial arts boxing also known as traditional Hausa boxing), rugby and various track and field events are all sports that Nigerians regularly partake in.

This combination of a youthful population and a culture of athleticism creates a genuine need for sports performance training facilities throughout the country. A sports performance training gym requires a different mix of equipment than a standard membership gym and your New Gym Specialist will create a Complete Gym Package that specifically fits the needs of your sports performance training facility.

Apartment Complex Gym

Urban cities like Lagos and Abuja are experiencing a significant growth in housing.  Lagos is already known as a bustling business center with a fast paced community. Apartment complexes in these cities are being built or renovated to accommodate the growing population and need for modern housing.  Apartment buildings that allocate a room for a fitness center have an added incentive for people to choose to live there. Modern apartment complexes in Nigeria need modern gym equipment to attract and retain residents.

An apartment fitness room with the right type and amount of equipment creates profit for the apartment complex owner by creating an environment where people want to live. It also allows the owner to charge somewhat more per apartment rental because of this modern amenity.

Although smaller than a standard commercial membership gym, an apartment complex gym still needs a certain mix of the right type of equipment to function properly.  Your New Gym Specialist will create the right Complete Apartment Complex Gym Package for you.

Intimate Personal Training Studio

The economy of Nigeria continues to be on the rise.  In fact, Nigeria is listed as one of the “Next Eleven” economies set to become the biggest in the world.  In the Ikoyi area of Lagos alone, the high level of urbanization has attracted a higher income level and upscale housing.  This type of upscale clientele calls for smaller gymcenters and often a more intimate, boutique style of one-on-one training.

These intimate personal training studio gyms focus on individual attention to a client’s personal fitness goals by using private or small group training sessions.  The space required varies depending upon how many clients or trainers the studio will have, but the need for certain fundamental pieces of equipment is the same and it is essential to use State-of-the-Art equipment that features upscale aesthetics and high end functions.    Here again, the use of a New Gym Specialist is important to assure that you get the right equipment for a personal training studio environment.

With a young, growing population, a rising economy and an interest in sports and athletic achievement, Nigeria has it all for anyone today who wants to enter the fitness industry as a gym owner.  These above 4 types of gyms are ideally suited for the Nigerian market.  By exploring your local area, you will determine which of these types of gyms is best suited for your area and for your budget.  Whichever type of gym you decide upon, now is the time to take advantage of the great opportunity to open a successful gym in the country known as the “Giant of Africa.”

Written by Bill at BAMPSCO International Inc. / Gymstarters