Open Your New Gym in Ghana

Why You Should Open Your New Gym in Ghana

In various countries throughout the world, interest in physical fitness is at a record high. People are looking to enhance their lives by engaging in a regular exercise program.  From small towns to growing suburban communities and small to large cities, opening a new gym provides a fantastic business opportunity. Nowhere is this opportunity greater than in the country of Ghana.  Here are 7 compelling reasons why the time is right to open a modern new gym in Ghana.

  1. A Strong Economy
    Business is strong in Ghana, with rapid growth in the construction industry in both the private and commercial sectors.  This brings billions of dollars into the already strong Ghanaian economy.  Investment in property by private individuals continues to be on the rise.  Accra remains a hot growth area and, as strong as the market is in Accra, Kumasi is even stronger.  The vibrant economy in various regions throughout the country brings more people into the region and, along with this influx of people, a need for new gyms for them to support their training needs.
  1. Growing Suburban Areas
    The growth in the economy and population of Ghana has brought about new suburban areas where people are enjoying their lives without the need to travel into the major cities for their daily needs and activities.  People in the suburbs are looking for modern conveniences that are within minutes from their homes.  These new suburban areas are ideal locations for new community gyms.You do not need a large building or room for a suburban community gym.  A space of only 1,500 to 2,500 square feet in a strip mall is enough for a successful local gym, providing that the gym has the proper mix and style of equipment.  A New Gym Specialist will be able to put together the right Complete Package of equipment to fit your room size so that your gym is off to the right start for long term success.
  1. The Right Demographic
    Ghana has the right mix of people who want to train regularly and have the discretionary income to join a gym.  This mix of desire and financial stability allows you capitalize on a demographic that is willing and eager to become a member of your gym.Some Quick-Facts About Ghana:
  • Over 28 million people.
  • 7 million people in the Ashanti region alone.
  • Roughly 58% in the 15 to 64 age group.
  • Median age of 30.
  • Nearly 100% enrollment in public education.
  • 8 national Universities.
    As you can see from the above data, the age, education and population in Ghana overall are ideal numbers for getting gym members.  By checking your local area, you can look at the demographics specific to your local area and easily determine how well they fit into your gym plan.


  1. A Culture of Athletic Exceptionalism
    Ghanaians have a rich history of athletic awareness and prowess.  Association football and boxing are the two most noticeable sports that Ghanaians partake in.  However, a closer look at this strong athletic culture shows that tennis, basketball, cricket, rugby, skiing and other sports are all activities enjoyed by the people of Ghana.  This enthusiasm for athletic endeavor and achievement goes hand-in-hand with the need for modern training centers.  From an early age, there is an established mindset of physical activity as part of the daily life.  Engaging in a regular exercise program with a variety of equipment in a gym setting is an extension of this mindset.  Opening a gym in an area where people are accustomed to athletic activities and where they want to increase their sports performance is an excellent way to help assure success.


  1. The Desire For Modern Trends
    Growth in the cities and increase in new suburban areas in Ghana bring along with it a desire for the latest in modern culture.  This includes technology, fashion, music and fitness.  You can see the modern trends prevalent in Ghana today throughout the country in various aspects of daily life.  This provides you with a great opportunity to open a new gym with State-of-the-Art equipment and attract members who are looking for the latest and best equipment where they train.


  1. Governmental Stability
    The government of Ghana has undergone significant changes over the past decades to make it the stable government that it is today.  Government stability means better access to funds for starting a gym, a safe environment to establish and operate a gym in, an increase in population (more potential gym members) and an overall sense of comfort that allows people to focus on their health and well-being.


  1. A Great Tourism Industry
    Many of the factors already listed in this article are reasons why Ghana has become a tourist attraction.  Add to these the year round tropical temperature, exotic wildlife, beautiful sandy beaches and the renowned friendliness of the people. It’s easy to see why Ghana tourism is booming.  Tourists give your gym yet another base of members, as many will want to maintain their fitness regimen while on their vacation.  The steadily increasing number of annual visitors to Ghana is expected to grow to 1.5 million in a few years.  These short-term members bring even more profit for your gym.


Whether you are looking to open a modern small community gym, a sports performance center, or a larger full-scale fitness facility, Ghana is an excellent choice.  A strong economy, emerging real estate development interest in the private sector and an enthusiastic demographic all make Ghana the right place at the right time for opening a successful new gym.


Written by Bill at BAMPSCO International Inc. / Gymstarters