Building your new gym in your community

How Your New Gym Can Breathe Life Into Your Community

There are so many good reasons for opening a new gym that it’s like there are as many reasons as there are new gym members .

Some of these reasons are:

  1. Great income stream and revenue potential
  2. Enjoying a business with something that you already love to do
  3. Having your own place to train with the best modern equipment that was specifically chosen by you
  4. Opportunity to grow into several business locations
  5. Interacting with people who are in a positive mood and mindset
  6. Using your skills to coach, teach and train others
  7. Getting well known in your community
  8. Helping to bring new life into your community

In this article, we examine how your new gym and you can help revitalize your community.

With today’s increased knowledge of the great importance of maintaining a physically fit body for all walks of life, regular exercise has become a staple in the lives of many people.  People of all ages can benefit greatly from a regular exercise program and gyms of all types can be found throughout the world.  Even so, there are many regions, cities, towns and local communities that still have no gym – no place where the local residents can train to better themselves and live fuller, healthier lives.

These communities can be ideal spots for a new gym.  They are often overlooked by gym franchise chains whose primary concern is the size of the demographic in their targeted city.  They want to open a gym in an area where they will be able to target the most people, (or the most affluent clientele), so that they can reap the greatest amount of revenue from that area.  You will find more populated cities with gyms competing against each other for the same member.

A smaller market can be an ideal market for your new gym

While these cookie cutter chains vie for the lion’s share of a large city market, smaller, local communities remain in need of quality equipped modern gyms for their residents, schools and businesses.

Opening a gym in a small town gives you a captive, eager membership base

Besides the obvious benefit to you as the owner of the only gym in town for people to train at, having your gym in a smaller community offers several other plusses that you won’t find in a larger city gym setting.

A gym in a smaller community requires a smaller room size to accommodate the number of members.  The smaller square footage requirement means that the space will cost less to lease.

NOTE:  A smaller gym does NOT equal a lesser gym.  A New Gym Specialist will be able to work closely with you to assure that your gym will have a sufficient amount and varied mix of top quality equipment to provide your members with a top-notch training experience.

Because of your lower overhead expenses, you need fewer overall members to run the gym as a successful enterprise.  Since monthly gym membership rates are very similar regardless of the region, you can offer similar rates and be more profitable than a gym that has significantly higher overhead and daily operational expenses.  And, since your gym is the only gym in town, your marketing expenses will be less because word of mouth will lead others to find the place where they can train.

Location, though important for certain types of gyms, does not play as heavy a factor with a new gym in a town that is in a renovation process as it does in other cities.  Although you want to remain within a comfortable proximity to your targeted membership base, your gym can be somewhat more removed since your gym is the only available gym in your area.  Your New Gym Specialist will be able to help you with determining the proper amount of distance to stay within for your gym.

The Financial Benefits of opening a gym in a town that is revitalizing

Opening a new gym in a town or community that is recovering from a slowdown or a recession can be advantageous because the town is in need of fresh businesses.  As the town is in the throes of revitalizing, property values are often extremely reasonable, with owners and landlords’ eager to fill vacant buildings.  Local banks may offer reduced rate loans for start up businesses that are located in the town to help boost the local economy.  Communities who have experienced a slowdown and are now actively working to revitalize also often have grant money available for people who want to establish a business in their town.  Unlike a loan, grant money does not need to be paid back.  This gives you a great opportunity to save on your upfront capital expenditure while still opening your gym with the best modern treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, weight stack machines, free weight equipment, bars, plates, dumbbells and more for a full scale, top of the line gym that will be a highlight for the entire community.  Working with a New Gym Specialist, you will be able to secure the best Package of State-of-the-Art equipment for your new gym at the best possible price.

Help Revitalize your town

Opening a gym in a town undergoing a renovation makes you an active participant in the revitalization of the town

Perhaps most importantly, when you choose to open your new gym in a town undergoing a renovation, you become a part of the renovation process and a part of the town’s revitalization story.  As the business owner who made the decision to open in this town as opposed to anywhere else, you have established yourself as an important member of that town.  You have made a statement that you believe in the town, care about the townspeople and are committed to the town’s revival and to the betterment of its inhabitants.  From a business perspective – you can’ buy that kind of advertising.  From a personal standpoint – you can feel good about helping to breathe life back into your community.

Written by Bill at BAMPSCO International Inc. / Gymstarters