Fitness Trends We Have Seen in 2017  


With the final quarter of 2017 fast approaching, it’s time to take a look back and see what new trends came on the scene in the fitness industry and what existing trends remained strong.  If you are a gym owner, keeping abreast of fitness industry trends gives you insight for how to have a more creative and diversified gym to entice new members and retain existing ones.

Here’s our top 10 list for 2017


Gym owners have come to see that diversification is an integral part of their gym’s overall success. A varied selection of things to do in a gym broadens the gym’s appeal to a greater audience and helps grow membership. Group fitness classes such as yoga and aerobics, personal training, special hours of operation and more all are ways that a gym can open itself up to more members.  A gym does not need to be large to have various offerings.  The proper equipment selection alone can help to diversify the gym by having different ways for members to train.  Impact Fitness Equipment Specialist has the right mix of equipment to keep a gym fresh, diversified and exciting to new and existing members.

Circuit Strength Training

Selectorized weight training continues to be the primary source of exercise for many and a mainstay in the modern gym. Whether the gym is a general coed membership facility or caters to a specific niche clientele, weight stack machines are a necessary ingredient to help insure a successful, long term run. The right weight stack machines are extremely user friendly, featuring instructional placards that allow the member to train without the need of supervision or assistance.  They are safer to use than free weight equipment.  The right mix of selectorized equipment is one that will provide a quick, full body circuit training workout that a member can do even on a limited time schedule.  A New Gym Specialist is the key to determining the right mix of selectorized weight stack machines for any gym.

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Specialty Gyms

Specialty gyms, also referred to as “boutique gyms,” are a trend that continue to be present in 2017. From boot camps to personal training studios to women’s only gyms and more, these niche gyms are often smaller venues with a much smaller membership. Specialty gyms can be a good starting point for someone who wants to get into the fitness industry because they can get up and running for less cost than a standard membership gym.  Later, when the gym becomes better known, the specialty gym can transition into a full scale membership gym by offering a greater equipment selection, often after relocating to a somewhat larger building.  The transition will allow for specialty gym training while increasing the profits of the gym owner due to the increase in membership.

Small Community Gyms

As in the previous year, 2017 continues to see a rise in the interest in smaller gyms focused on developing a community. Rather than the old fashioned expansive 20,000 + square foot health clubs of yesteryear that were centered in larger urban areas, these new gyms are often 2,000 to 5,000 square feet and still have the right amount and selection of equipment to offer members complete workout sessions. A circuit of selectorized weight stack machines, a section for free weight equipment and plate loaded equipment and a cardio equipment section combine to make these smaller gyms the ideal spot for people to train.

Functional Training Multi Stations

Functional training is still on the forefront of the fitness industry in 2017, but it’s face has changed somewhat. Whereas functional training exercises were previously performed in a boot camp style setting utilizing push ups, sit ups and a host of other body weight exercises, today’s gym catering to functional training uses multi station functional training equipment to increase performance and get an edge on the competition. These multi stations, such as the Iron Man Training Tower, often come loaded with options and can be used for personal training instruction or group fitness classes.  These multi stations often include monkey bars, battle ropes, kettle bells, power racks, medicine balls, boxing bags, speed bags, agility ladders, plyometric steps, dip stations and more.


Personal Training

Working with a personal trainer is still on the trending list for 2017. While not everyone trains with their own trainer, personal trainers are valued by people starting out on their fitness journey as well as those who are looking for specialized training for their sport. Others enjoy the motivation that is provided by a personal trainer and the fact that it makes them stick to a training schedule.

Local Privately Owned Gyms

Rather than paying both upfront and ongoing monthly franchise fees, gym owners now realize that the name on the building is NOT what attracts and retains members. It is the equipment, the selection, the training and the atmosphere of the gym that makes it the place where people want to regularly train. Local community gyms all over the world are being opened by people who choose to save their money and NOT open a franchise gym.

Group Fitness

When space permits, fitness classes are often a component in the modern gym. They provide for a different type of training for members and can use the same space for different workouts. There is a wide array of fitness classes designed for group training and the offering continues to grow with new ideas from innovative trainers.  Group fitness classes can bring in a different clientele for the gym and help enforce an atmosphere of excitement.  Boot camp classes, yoga, lightweight body pump classes, various aerobics classes and medicine ball training classes are just some of the group fitness classes that are being offered in gyms today.


Spinning continues to be a strong trend in fitness. Unlike other forms of group fitness classes, spinning classes generally are conducted in their own designated room. Although a spin bike will have wheels to move them out of the area when it’s not in use, you still have to put the bikes somewhere and it is often most convenient to keep them in their designated room and offer additional spinning classes to utilize the room to its fullest.  There are many spin bikes of various quality on the market today and it is important to get the right quality bike for a gym.

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Unique, Modern Equipment Selection

Gym owners today recognize the importance of having the absolute best equipment available for their members to train with. A gym’s equipment is its showcase. It is the first thing that a possible member sees when the come through the gym’s front door for the first time and often determines whether or not that person will join that gym.  The equipment is the reason why someone is working out at the gym and not at home.  Gym owners know the value in having brand new equipment with modern design and functions.  This equipment will bring in new members and keep existing ones from leaving.  Opening a gym with used equipment shows people that the gym owner did not have enough money to get the right equipment.  Used equipment from a failed gym does not give the gym the impression that it needs to show.

Today’s gym member knows the difference between marginal and superior gym equipment.  When choosing whether or not to join a gym, their decision is made by what equipment the gym has and the training that they can do there.  Run of the mill equipment does not work for today’s gym member.  They demand the best in modern functions.  Unique, modern equipment, such as the Impact Fitness Triumph Series, is ideal for promoting a new gym and showcasing the absolute best equipment available for today’s gym owner and fitness enthusiast.


Written by Bill at BAMPSCO International Inc. / Gymstarters