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Gym Equipment for Schools Athletic Rooms

Gymstarters - Looking for the best gym equipment for your school gym?

Athletics programs are an integral part of many high schools, providing students with the opportunity to participate in sports and increasing revenue for the school. A successful athletics program depends upon several factors including coaching and student interest and enthusiasm, as well as training in both the specific techniques of the sport and for muscular strength and development. Because of the importance of physical training for student athletes, and of the safety that is required during their training, it is critical to have the right gym equipment for schools athletic use.

The best gym equipment for schools athletic programs is equipment that will allow for progressive training in a safe setting. Younger high school athletes who are beginning a strength training program for their sport need to focus on correct form in order to target the muscles properly and protect themselves from injury.

The best equipment for younger student athletes that utilizes these precautions is the following:

  • Counter Balanced Smith Machine
  • Cable Machines
  • Leverage Equipment
  • Dumbbells
  • Spin Bikes

More seasoned high school athletes with a working knowledge of correct form and movement can incorporate equipment that is unrestricted for their training. These student athletes train hard and fast, often employing explosive movements in their strength training that replicate powerful thrusting movements on the field of play.

The best equipment for a more advanced student athlete is the following:CB-Smith-Machine-TH9947_M-2

  • Olympic Benches
  • Leverage Equipment
  • Squat Racks
  • Olympic Weights
  • Spin Bikes

A combination of the above equipment for younger and more advanced student athletes will make for a complete training facility for high school athletics programs, allowing the younger athletes to learn correct form and then progress to using more advanced equipment as they are ready to do so.

Here’s a little more detailed information about some of these above equipment choices.

Counterbalanced Smith Machine – The Smith Machine provides an enhanced way of performing several fundamental exercises with increased safety features. The full size olympic bar is attached to the machine and runs along steel shafting throughout the exercise motion, keeping the user in their pre aligned position. The user can not shift the bar from side to side and drop the plates, and must stay in line with the path of the bar movement. Safety hooks are attached to the bar apparatus so that the user can easily stop the exercise and hang up the bar with a quick turn of the wrist. For additional safety, there are adjustable safety handles that can be set at various low points so that the bar will stop at that point and the user can simply walk out from underneath it.


A properly engineered Smith Machine will be set at a slight angle to allow for a more natural path for various exercises. The machine will utilize linear bearings and cold rolled steel shafting for a smooth run and durability. A wide base design will allow for various foot width placement, accommodating users of various sizes. The weight of the olympic bar and attached apparatus will be offset by hidden counterweights to approximately 10 lbs. so that even a novice user can take advantage of all of the exercise options that can be performed on a Counterbalanced Smith Machine such as Squats, Shoulder Press, Deadlifts, Upright Rows, various Bench Press exercises (with an adjustable bench), and more.

Leverage Equipment – Leverage Equipment provides a safe way to assure proper movement throughout the entire range of motion of a given exercise. As such, it is ideally suited for high school athletics weight rooms because both the beginner and the more advanced student athlete can use this equipment effectively.

Ind.-Conv.-Incline-Chest-Press-TH6710_MLeverage Equipment allows the user to load olympic plates onto posts that are attached to the piece. Several pieces feature independent arms which teach the user to concentrate on using both arms in equal fashion so that they do not develop a reliance upon their predominant arm. The independent arm action also allows the user to offset the weight, placing more weight on one side so that they can lift both sides in unison and develop greater overall strength and balance. This independent arm feature also benefits those athletes who are rehabilitating from a minor injury.


Most pieces of Leverage Equipment work on converging or diverging planes of axes that provide a path of motion that targets the muscles from different angles than what traditional olympic benches and other free weight equipment does. Used as a compliment to olympic free weight benches, Leverage Equipment helps to develop muscles faster and more completely by hitting these parts of muscles.

gymstarters-best-gym-equipment-schools1Leverage Equipment is also well suited for performing explosive movements that replicate certain athletic movements, (sudden pushing, thrusting, etc.). Because the starting point is set and the path of movement is pre-defined, the athlete can move the position himself for a quick movement while adhering to the proper trajectory. Done properly, this can increase speed, quickness and strength – all vital components for athletes.

The use of Spin Bikes for cardiovascular endurance and team building, cable machines for ease of use in a group setting and free weight equipment such as benches, dumbbells, etc., along with some miscellaneous body weight stations will enhance any high school’s athletics program to help ensure a strong and vital athletic performance environment.

Written by Bill @ BAMPSCO International Inc. / Gymstarters

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