The Best Gym Equipment for Schools part 2

The Best Gym Equipment for Schools

Part 2 of 3: High School Fitness Rooms

Physical education is an essential element for any high school.  It helps to create a pattern of healthy living for each student and allows for an outlet for teenage students to expel energy that is pent up from hours of sitting during classroom academic instruction.  Getting this energy out of their system helps the student to perform better back in the classroom.

High School Phys Ed Departments are aware of the need to encourage physical fitness as a part a well-rounded healthy lifestyle.  The proper type of fitness equipment is of great use to high school phys ed departments to teach health and fitness.  The right fitness equipment can be used by phys ed teachers to teach the fundamentals of biomechanics, muscular development and other health related matters in an engaging atmosphere.

It should be noted here that fitness equipment differs from gym equipment as it relates to high school phys ed purposes.  Whereas gym equipment includes recreational and sports equipment, fitness equipment is that which is used for the sole purpose of improving one’s health and fitness.

A well-structured high school fitness room will have a component of strength equipment and one of cardio equipment for a complete set up. 

For strength equipment, a simple yet complete circuit of selectorized machines is ideal for a high school setting.  As part of a curriculum, phys ed departments can utilize selectorized equipment during a class period.  After an initial assessment of the students’ strength per machine, the students simply move from station to station and then record their activity per machine.  Their results are easily monitored and measured by both the teacher and the student so that both can see how well the student is doing with advancing their fitness levels.

Because selectorized equipment is easy, safe and quick to use, (no time is required to load heavy weight plates), it is the #1 Choice for high school gyms.  However, it is necessary that the equipment is properly manufactured and suited for the high school environment and use. 

The proper selectorized equipment for high schools will have the following features:

  • Modern, ergonomically accurate movements
  • Numerous adjustments to accommodate various sized students
  • Instructional exercise placards that are easy to read and to understand
  • Color touch points for safety
  • Range of Motion (ROM) limiters to provide greater accessibility for beginners
  • Locking adjustment pins for safety
  • Surround weight stack enclosures for safety
  • Heavy upholstery for durability
  • Commercial quality steel frames structural integrity

The recommendation to provide a complete body workout is as follows:

Chest Press, Pec Deck/Rear Deltoid, Shoulder Press, Bicep Curl, Tricep Extension,

Assisted Chin / Dip, Lat Pulldown, Low Row or Seated Row, Leg Press, Leg Extension,

Leg Curl, Ab/Back

For a high school’s cardiovascular equipment, a mix of treadmills and upright bikes or spin bikes is the best choice.  Other machines, such as ellipticals and recumbent bikes, are also applicable to the high school fitness room, but these are not as important as the treadmills and upright bikes for general fitness work in a high school.  Treadmills are also a great aerobic assessment tool for phys ed teachers to employ.

Administrators and teachers also are benefited greatly by having a well-equipped fitness room in the school.  It provides an on-site complete gym where they can train and relieve daily stress, much like fitness centers that corporations put in for their staff.  The health and wellness benefits for staff where an on-site gym is provided is well documented.  Lower health related absences, fewer worker compensation claims and an overall happier staff are all additional benefits to having an on-site gym.

The fitness room can be rounded out with sit up benches, hyperextensions, leg raise/dip stations and similar types of smaller items that utilize the user’s body weight for resistance.

With a well put together fitness room, everyone in and associated with the school, from administrators to teachers to students, can enjoy the benefits of having their own gym readily available.

Written by Bill @ BAMPSCO International Inc. / Gymstarters

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