How to choose the best cardio equipment

Choosing the Best Cardio Equipment for Your New Gym

Cardio equipment is an essential element to any new gym, be it a hotel fitness center, a sports training center, personal training studio or a full scale coed membership gym. Treadmills, Ellipticals, Upright Bikes and Recumbent Bikes are all used for pre-workout warming up and post-workout cooling down as well as for vigorous cardiovascular training.

With treadmills being the most used cardio machine in fitness facilities and with the variety of treadmill options on the market today, it’s important that the gym owner is wise when it comes to choosing the best treadmill for their specific type of facility and not be oversold into a product with features that they neither need nor should pay for.

One of the most common unnecessary upsells on cardio equipment is a TV screen. The idea of having an individual TV screen on each piece of cardio equipment came about a few years ago as another feature to add to a machine, which in turn, significantly increases the price of that machine and, therefore, the profit for the company selling that machine. The truth is that this feature is not a necessary or sometimes even a beneficial one.

Often, the TV is connected to the treadmill via a cable connection. We have all experienced when our cable goes out for a length of time. When the cable system goes out due to a storm, work in the area, or a host of other reasons and the TV is integrated with the cable connection, the entire treadmill often goes down until the cable company fixes their issue and restores the cable in the area. One of the worst scenarios for a gym owner or manager is when a member or guest wants to use a treadmill and cannot because the machine is out of order. This creates a very dissatisfied member. To make the problem even worse, the treadmill itself is in perfect condition, but it will not operate simply because the cable is out.

choosing cardio equipment for your gym

Another important reason why to think twice before purchasing your cardio equipment with individual TVs is the cost. With the price of flat screen TVs becoming so much more affordable today than just a few years ago, a new gym owner can easily mount a couple of large flat screen TVs on the fitness center wall and provide a significantly greater viewing experience for their members than to have them have to watch a small 15” or 17” TV monitor on their treadmill, elliptical or bike. Wall mounted flat screen TVs also enhance the entire fitness room, making it a much more welcoming area for the residents. Plus, it gives your residents a far better TV viewing experience than having to watch a small screen.

Just go to any sports bar and you’ll see several TVs mounted on the walls and NOT an individual, small TV screen at every table. A successful gym environment, while catering to each member’s needs, also creates an atmosphere of community. Using larger, wall mounted TVs that members can watch together while working out enhances that sense of community.

Although individual TV screens on cardio equipment is a nice selling feature for a company to promote their product, in reality it’s often not the best choice for the hotel owner or for their residents.

In general gyms require commercial rated cardio equipment that is very easy to understand and to use, saves on floor space and is cost effective. The gym owner needs to keep a keen focus on having the right equipment at an affordable price and not to spend money on features that are unnecessary or that could cause unnecessary complaints down the road.

As New Gym Specialists, our sole focus is on helping people to get the right equipment for their specific type of gym and needs at a price that they can afford. We work closely with you to make sure that you get the absolute best for your new gym and do NOT try to have you purchase anything other than what works best for you.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your csrdio or strength equipment for your new gym or if we can help you in any way.

Written by Bill at BAMPSCO / Gymstarters