Gym Equipment for Schools Part 1

The Best Gym Equipment for Schools  Part 1 of 3

Middle School Fitness RoomsThe Best Gym Equipment for Schools Part 1 of 3

With the alarming rise in childhood obesity, governing bodies in schools today understand the need for proper nutrition and regular exercise for children of all ages as an integral part of a complete education.  It is never too early to instill a keen sense of overall health and wellbeing in youth so that they develop a pattern of healthy living throughout their lives.

In the middle school environment, fitness equipment is an essential element in this early healthy lifestyle education.  Middle school aged students can learn the fundamentals of fitness and body mechanics by doing simple, straightforward exercises with light weight for resistance.  Coupled with cardiovascular conditioning, the results can be both fast and appreciable.

Using weight resistance training as a part of the general physical education curriculum allows middle school teachers and administrators to easily track and assess the development of each student.  Using the proper fitness equipment, a simply outlined program composed of working major muscle groups can help both the phys ed teacher and the student to reach high levels of success.


What is the proper fitness equipment for middle school students?

There are 3 types of fitness equipment best suited for middle school aged students –

  • Selectorized Strength Equipment
  • Cardiovascular Equipment
  • Body Weight Equipment

A combination of these three is the best approach to provide variety, increase interest and develop overall physical fitness and wellbeing.

1 – Selectorized Strength Equipment 

Safety is the key ingredient to any middle school gym.  Selectorized Strength Equipment, (sometimes called pin select equipment or weight stack equipment), should be a staple for the middle school gym.  It is extremely effective while providing the safety that is required for this age of youth.  Because the weight moves along shafting, selectorized equipment provides enhanced stability and is the ideal choice for beginning weight training.

Three-Stack-Multi-Station-FM8803_MA circuit of selectorized machines, where each machine is designed to work a different body part, allows the student to move from one station to the next quickly while working the major muscle groups.  If space and budget permits, the selectorized circuit is the best choice for weight resistance training for middle school phys ed programs.  A gym class can utilize the speed and ease of use of a selectorized circuit training routine to move the students throughout the circuit during the class period.

If the space or the school’s budget doesn’t allow for a selectorized circuit, a multi station is the next best choice.   A multi station will combine several exercises in a few stations to provide similar exercises in a reduced footprint.  Although cost and space are saved with a multi station, it is not effective for use with running a phys ed class through because the students will all be clamored around the one multi station as opposed to working throughout the room with a selectorized circuit.  For this reason, a multi station is best used as a weight training learning station and not as a class training one.

NOTE:  In training middle school aged students with weight resistance, the focus should be on technique and repetitions and NOT on increasing the amount of weight.  The purpose is to teach movement and to use the weights for an enhanced cardiovascular experience, NOT for bulking up muscle mass at this age.

Selectorized equipment for a school needs to be of commercial quality – suited for use in a school environment.  Contact your New Gym Specialist for the best advice and equipment for your middle school gym.


2 -Cardiovascular Equipment 

There is a wide selection of cardiovascular equipment for a middle school to choose from.  Of these, stationary upright bikes are the best choice.  Stationary upright bikes provide a safer aerobic conditioning experience for youths because of the seated position and the fact that most youths already have experience with cycling.

Treadmills, ellipticals and recumbent bikes are the other common cardiovascular machines that offer effective aerobic training but, for the cost and other reasons, stationary upright bikes are a middle school’s best bet for their student body.

NOTE:  As with equipment utilizing weight resistance, stationary upright bikes should have the capability of adjusting the tension so that, in a middle school setting, the tension is kept very low.  This maintains the focus on aerobic conditioning and technique as opposed to leg muscle development, although leg conditioning will still be a part of the overall effect of bike training.


3 – Body Weight Equipment 

Adjust-Decline-Sit-Up-Bench-TH9952_MBody weight equipment is a strong component to any middle school gym.  Bodyweight equipment is equipment that allows the user to work with their own body weight against gravity as opposed to other resistance such as weights.  Sit up benches, push up stations, back extensions and leg raise / dip / chin up stations are some of the most common body weight apparatus.

Combining a mix of various body weight stations to your selectorized circuit machines and cardiovascular equipment will give any school a complete compliment of fitness equipment to teach today’s youths the importance of being strong, health conscious adults.

Written by Bill @ BAMPSCO International Inc. / GymStarters