Fitness Trends for 2016

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Top 10 Predicted Fitness Trends for 2016

1. Educated and Experienced Fitness Professionals – People are expected to turn more to educated professionals for their fitness related advice. One reason people want a pro is to enable them to reach their goals faster and more effectively. Impact Fitness Equipment is designed to be professional gym quality and to meet the standards of health club professionals.

2. Fitness Programs for Older Adults – Baby boomers, now in their 60’s, generally have more discretionary spending money than younger adults, are less price conscious and will likely be seeking out certified trainers to design “age appropriate fitness programs”.

3. Strength Training – Strength training continues to be the basis and main emphasis for many health clubs. Strength training is at the center of a complete health and training program. The wide variety of commercial gym quality strength equipment makes Impact Fitness Equipment the perfect choice for gyms and health clubs regardless of their size.

4. Children and Obesity – With obesity at epidemic levels for children and adults, more people are looking for exercise and diet programs to help them or their children lose weight.

5. Personal Training – Education and certification for personal trainers has become more important over time to health and gym facilities to insure the information they are providing to members is accurate. Personal trainers are becoming more readily accessible to the public. More people are getting certified and more people want to learn how to exercise from professionals.

6. Core Training – Core training emphasizes conditioning of the middle-body muscles in both the front and rear of the body. These include the pelvic area, the lumbar region, the hips and the various sections of the abdominal area. Our sit-up benches, multi-hip and rotary torso, hyper-extensions, torso twist, t-bar row and other models target these regions.

7. Fitness Boot Camps – Designed to give the feel of a basic training military boot camp, these boot camps are typically high-intensity fitness programs that incorporate cardiovascular, strength, endurance and flexibility training in a single workout and in environments which vary from a typical health club setting. Although these facilities typically use somewhat less cardio and strength equipment than a traditional gym setting, Impact Fitness Equipment features several staple pieces of equipment which can be universally found in fitness boot camps.

8. Functional Fitness – Functional training is one of the latest training philosophies in gyms. Functional training is a trend toward using strength training to improve one’s balance and train the body for real life situations by improving balance, flexibility and strength in daily living replicated situations. Our Impact Fitness Equipment dual adjustable pulley functional trainer allows for many standard functional training movements. We also have a variety of models that can be used for a functional training experience or to compliment a functional training program.

9. Indoor Cycling (Spinning) – Popular in health clubs and now gyms, indoor cycling allows biking enthusiasts to pedal indoors while avoiding temperature and other environmental changes.

10. Sport Specific Training – Another fast growing segment in the gym industry is sports specific or sports performance centers where clients are trained to excel in a particular sport. This is much like functional training except the function you are training for is an athletic, as opposed to daily lifestyle, endeavor. Depending upon the specific sport the client is training for, Impact Fitness Equipment has a variety of models you can use.


Written by Bill at BAMPSCO International Inc. /