Fitness Equipment Choices for Your New Gym

The Eight Best Fitness Equipment Choices for Your New Gym

As a New Gym Specialist, one of the important aspects of what I do to help people is to determine the perfect fitness equipment line for their specific type of new gym.  A new gym is something very special to the owner and careful consideration needs to be put into making it a very special place for new and prospective members as well.  You do NOT want your dream gym to be nothing more than a cookie cutter gym that a prospective member can find all over the place.  To have a unique training facility, great fitness equipment designed specifically for your type of use is essential.

Here are some great lines that work out perfectly for various types of new gyms

  1. Impact Fitness Triumph Series – The Triumph Series by Impact Fitness Equipment is a State-of-the-Art line of strength equipment that includes selectorized machines (ie. seated chest press, cable crossover jungle gym, leg extension, etc.), free weight equipment (ie, bench press, preacher curl, dumbbell bench, etc.), plate loaded equipment (ie. 45 degree leg press, seated calf raise, t-bar row, etc.) and leverage equipment (ie. leverage incline bench, leverage leg press, leverage lat pulldown, etc.). Featuring the best in modern design and functions and full commercial gym quality craftsmanship, the Impact Fitness Triumph Series is ideally suited for a full scale coed gym, a 24/7 gym or anyone who wants both a high end aesthetic appeal and strong equipment. Impact Fitness Triumph Series provides the new gym owner with something very special to offer their members to train with.
  1. Body Solid Commercial – Body Solid’s commercial fitness equipment offers a wide selection of both strength and cardio equipment, (ie. treadmills, elliptical, spin bikes, etc.), that works excellently for personal training studios, smaller gyms, apartment fitness centers, hotels, corporate fitness centers, police and fire department gyms and similar facilities. With a very diversified product mix, Body Solid is usually worth a strong consideration for these types of gyms.
  1. Intenza Cardio – Intenza combines the latest in technology with a very stylish appearance to present a superior cardio line up of treadmills, elliptical, upright bikes and recumbent bikes. Another full commercial gym quality line of fitness equipment, Intenza works extremely well when coupled with the Impact Fitness Triumph Series of strength equipment to create a high end, impressive full commercial gym.
  1. Troy Barbell – When considering your best fitness equipment options for your new gym, you can’t overlook the importance of the olympic bars, olympic plates, dumbbells, kettle bells and accessories. Troy Barbell is a recognized leader in this field with a wide array of products at various price points to hit different budgets.  You want to make sure that your plates, bars and dumbbells are a quality product that will last for years in your new gym and Troy Barbell’s products are made to last.
  1. Spirit Fitness – Spirit Fitness is a cardio only company that provides a very solidly built line of cardio machines at an affordable price point. Spirit Fitness Equipment is a good choice for a non membership gym with a more limited use time than a full commercial gym.  Your New Gym Specialist is your go-to source for determining if this line is the right fit for your specific application.
  1. BH Fitness – Around for over 100 years and still going strong, BH Fitness is a cardio equipment company that serves both the full commercial gym and light commercial gym markets. Their innovative technology and streamline designs match up well with the Impact Fitness Triumph Series strength equipment for a strong functioning gym.
  1. Jacob’s Ladder – Unlike the lines of equipment in points 1 through 6, Jacob’s Ladder is an example of a single piece of  fitness equipment that is great for certain applications where a different compliment of cardio and strength training is desired. Your New Gym Specialist will be able to help you to determine if this unique piece is a good fit for your new gym.
  1. Rubber Fitness Room Flooring – Although not equipment, the flooring surface that you choose for your new gym is another important aspect. Most gyms use rolled rubber fitness room flooring of a 9mm or 3/8 inch thickness.  The semi-porous nature of this flooring provides a safer environment for walking as well as having some cushioning for olympic plates and dumbbells that are placed on the floor after a set is completed.  Whether in solid black or with a 20% color fleck to coordinate with the gym’s color scheme, rolled rubber fitness room flooring is worth a consideration for your new gym.


Working closely with your New Gym Specialist and utilizing the information above for choosing fitness equipment that fits your type of gym, your new gym will be a very unique and special place to enhance membership retention and to turn prospective members into new ones.


Written by Bill at BAMPSCO International Inc. /