Advantages of Purchasing a Multi-Station for your Gym

Question: What are the advantages of purchasing a Multi-Station for my Gym?

Answer: First, let’s answer a more basic question, namely – what is a multi-station and how is it different from other strength training machines? A multi-station is a single piece of strength equipment that enables a user to perform multiple exercises on the same machine. There are two different kinds of multi-stations, single user and multi-user. A single user multi-station is one which permits only one user to workout at a time on the machine. These machines are technically multi-stations as each machine performs at least two different, usually related, exercises, but they are sometimes classed with single station machines because they do not allow several users to work out at the same time. Examples of single user multi-stations include pec deck/ rear deltoid, shoulder press / chest press, and ab crunch / back extension. While single-user multi-stations are great in many situations, when most people think of a multi-station they think of a multi-user, multi-station exercise machine. These machines, due to their multiple weight stacks, allow several users to workout on different stations on the same machine at the same time. Typically, these machines come with either four, five, six, or eight stacks.



Advantages of Purchasing a Multi Station for your Gym

There are two primary advantages to purchasing a multi-station for your gym. The biggest advantage, and the most common reason people purchase a multi-station, is the space saving design. Multi-stations simply take up less space than the requisite pieces of selectorized strength equipment would take up to provide the same range of exercises. Typically this is a big consideration for:

  • corporate fitness centers
  • personal training studios
  • small fitness clubs
  • apartment and condo fitness rooms
  • high school weight training rooms

The other big advantage that sways people to purchase a multi-station is the price. Purchasing a multi-station can save a new gym owner a lot of money compared to purchasing the same pieces as individual selectorized strength machines. Let’s look at a couple examples and see the potential savings at current (2016) sale prices. Our Triumph Series Four Stacker sells for just $3,500.00, to be able to do the same exercises with individual selectorized pieces it would cost $7,800.00. The savings on an eight stacker are even more impressive. The Triumph Series Eight Stacker sells for just $6,530.00 (msrp $12,240.00). To purchase the individual pieces to do the same exercises one would have to spend in excess of $15,000.00, more than double the amount! With these big savings it is easy to see why multi-stations are popular with club owners on a budget who demand a big bang for their buck.

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Working closely with your New Gym Specialist and utilizing the information above for choosing fitness equipment that fits your type of gym, your new gym will be a very unique and special place to enhance membership retention and to turn prospective members into new ones.

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