Start a new gym anywhere in the world

It doesn’t matter where you are, GymStarters can help you start your new gym

It’s a simple fact that people all over the world are interested in health and fitness like never before.  New gyms packed with state-of-the-art gym equipment are opening all over the world. People join to maintain their active lifestyles, lose weight and live a healthier life.  Much more than a trend, the enthusiasm about health and fitness is a direct result of decades of studies that clearly demonstrates that a regular exercise program is essential to a better life.  People wanting to live a healthy, active lifestyle look for a place to reach their fitness goals.

Now is a great time to open a new gym business – wherever you are – anywhere in the world!

At Gymstarters, we have helped people in countries all over the world to open their new gyms.  Our New Gym Specialists have worked with people in Ghana and several other African countries, Jamaica, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Trinidad and the United States to name just a few.  From consulting to creating the ideal gym equipment Package to shipping, we take the confusion out of opening a gym so that you can go from wanting to be a gym owner to owning a successful gym.

For many people, it’s a dream to start a new gym business in their own country and many of the people come to us for our help.  We understand this and work very closely with each of the people whom we help throughout the entire process.  We take a personal approach to and a personal interest in your gym.  The success of your new gym is as important to us as it is to you.

Some people want to start a gym business in an area that currently has no gym while other people want to capitalize on the interest in fitness in an area where there are existing gyms.  Both concepts are great for a new business.  Here is the advantage to each idea;


Starting a Gym Business where there is none close by:

Starting a gym in an area that has no gym nearby allows you to capture every fitness enthusiast in the area.  Since there is no direct competition, your gym will be an exciting place for people to join to reach their fitness goals.  You have latitude to design a membership pricing structure without concern about what a competing gym is charging for membership.  Even so, you need to make sure that your membership rates are within the range of acceptability for the prospective members in your area.  Charging too high in monthly membership dues will stop people from joining, even if you are the only gym in town.  Similarly, if your membership rates are too low, your gym will not get to the profitability that it should be at.  Your New Gym Specialist will be able to help you to determine the right amount to charge for membership rates for your gym with your specific set of circumstances.

Important Note:  If you are looking to open a gym in an area that currently has no other gym, you need to do some research on the demographics of the area.

Question: Does my area need a new gym?

  1. Is there an interest in health and fitness there?
  2. Do the residents in the area want to have a place to work out?
  3. Is there available real estate?
  4. What is the average age of the community?
  5. What’s the average income?

Often you will find that people DO want a gym there to train at, but the area has been overlooked because gyms have opened in larger nearby cities where there is a larger drawing pool of potential members.  If this is the case in the area where you want to open your gym, you have a unique opportunity to open a gym where people are hoping one will be opened.  This helps you to build a strong, loyal membership base right from the very start.

It’s easy to determine the interest in a gym in your area.  Start by asking people if they would join a gym there.  Check the amount of people, (both residents and commuters who work there), to get a general number of potential members.  Look outside of your direct market to where you may draw other members.  This includes nearby highways and roads that bring traffic close enough to your gym for people to stop off and get their workout in, hotels and resorts that have guests who need a serious, first class place to train, and similar places.  By getting a good initial feel for the number of potential members and their interest level, you will be able to gauge the excitement level for a new gym and help determine if this is a good spot for you to open yours.


Starting a Gym where there are existing gyms:

Although at the outset it may seem like opening a gym in an area where that already has gyms may not be the best idea, there actually are BENEFITS to doing so.  Seeing that there are gyms present in an area tells you that there is a definite interest in fitness there. You know that people there are eager to sign up for gym memberships because they are already doing so.  Therefore, you don’t need to do the type of demographic study to determine interest that you would need to do for an area that currently has no gyms.

If there are other gyms near to where you plan on opening your new gym, you can take advantage of this interest in fitness by opening your gym with the newest, best equipment.

GymStarters will create a Complete Package of the best equipment with modern looks and functions so that you will be able to offer people something very special and different from what’s commonly found in other gyms.  Generally, approximately one third of your new members will come from existing gyms.  They are either tired of their current gym or looking to train with the newest equipment so that they can achieve greater results.  By offering our State-of-the-Art equipment, you will have a unique line of equipment that will attract new members.  It will show everyone that your new gym is a special place to train at, and that you have taken pride in your ownership of it.  Don’t open your new gym with the same old equipment that everyone else has.  Let your gym show how special it is

As importantly, having our State-of-the-Art equipment in your gym will retain members.  Members won’t leave your gym to work out on a lesser quality line that another gym has.

So, whether you are looking to open your gym in an area without any gyms or in one where gyms are plentiful, your New Gym Specialist will be able to create the right Package to fit your specific clientele and demands.

If you are interested in opening a gym in your country – ANYWHERE IN THE WORLDcontact the pros at GymStarters first.  We have the equipment, the shipping capabilities and the worldwide experience to get you set up to be a successful gym owner.


Written by Bill at BAMPSCO International Inc. / Gymstarters