New Gym in Hoopeston, Illinois

New State-of-the-Art Gym in Hoopeston, Illinois

People of Hoopeston, Illinois and its neighboring communities now have their very own State-of-the-Art gym right in their own back yard!  Sculpt Fitness in Hoopeston, IL brings the best in modern gym equipment to the area featuring a complete circuit of the acclaimed Impact Fitness Triumph Series strength machines, a wide variety of Impact Fitness Triumph Series free weight and plate loaded equipment, several cardio machines and enough iron to make even a power lifter happy.  Founders Kasey Moore and Rachel Fenner bring their own unique mix of friendly personal attention combined with a passion for your health and fitness to assure that your every trip to the gym is a pleasant and productive one.  Whether you are looking to lose weight, build your body or just get in the best overall shape of your life, Sculpt Fitness provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere for you to reach your highest levels of fitness.  From training in your own to personal training to one of the many group fitness classes offered by Rachel, you are sure to find the right fit for you at Sculpt Fitness.



Sculpt Fitness

Willdon Building

210 South Market Street

Hoopeston, IL  60942

stop by and see why everyone is calling Sculpt Fitness “AMAZING!”

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