Opening a Gym?


Catch a rush of new members when opening a gym!

Now is the time to order your Complete Gym Equipment Package so that you can capitalize on the rush of people wanting to join a gym in the fall or as part of their New Year Resolutions. With the hot summer months coming to an end, people traditionally look for a local gym where they can maintain their fitness activity level indoors throughout the cooler fall months. Those with children heading back to school now have some additional time to allocate to going to the gym as well, making fall an excellent time for opening a gym.

New Year's resolution join a gym

As winter approaches, the demand for a modern equipped gym with selectorized circuit machines, free weight equipment, plate loaded equipment, treadmills, ellipticals and bikes can increase even more, with people wanting to get out from their cabin fever and find someone who’s opening a new gym where they can get some exercise.

Come the end of the year, people start looking at making their New Year’s Resolutions. The #1 New Year’s Resolution is to get in better physical shape – and that drives people to the gym.

With gym equipment taking a few months to be manufactured and delivered, the time is now to be ready for fall and winter members.

Your first step to opening a gym successfully is to contact your New Gym Specialist. They will be able to guide you into the right direction and put together a Complete Gym Equipment Package to fit your specific needs and your budget.

Whether you want to open a coed gym, a personal training studio, a women’s only gym, a sports performance training center, a crossfit gym, a bodybuilding gym or another type of gym, your New Gym Specialist will have the experience to put together the right mix of gym equipment for you.

Contact your New Gym Specialist today to discuss your needs for opening a new gym and to be ready to start signing up fall and New Year’s Resolution memberships.


Written by Bill at BAMPSCO International Inc. /