MEANDER SERIES of multi station gyms gives you the best in Full Commercial quality components and design.  Utilizing Heavy Duty 11 gauge steel tubing frames and Full-Surround weight stack enclosures, the Meander Series is your ideal choice for gyms, apartment complexes, hotels, corporate fitness centers and anyone who demands the integrity of full commercial gym quality in their fitness equipment.

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  • Full Commercial Gym Quality strength equipment
  • Compact, Low profile designs save on valuable floor space without compromising your equipment offering
  • Most Machines feature Selectorized weight plates feature a unique durable plastic coating that helps reduce weight stack noise
  • Full-Surround Safety enclosed Weight Stack Shrouds protect the user while adding a sleek modern style to your facility
  • Single Weight Stack, Dual Weight Stack, Three Weight Stack, Four Weight Stack and Six Weight Stack Multi-Stations various configurations to suit various facilities’ needs
  • Stylish neutral tone Silver/Gray Frames with Black Upholstery go with any facility
  • Rubber Encased Sealed Linear Bearings provide a quiet and smooth operation
  • 32 oz. Heavy Marine Grade Upholstery for durability even in heavy use gyms
  • Wide range of adjustments to accommodate various users
  • Double Stitched Upholstery maintains proper pad shape and increases wear life
  • Color touch points for safety (on LC Model machines)
  • 2 ½” thick Super Dense Compressed Rubber / Foam Padding provides extended wear life and allows for an extra firm yet comfortable training experience
  • Easy to read and understand Instructional Placards for easy reference
  • Dual Axis Technology on select machines allows the user to define the path of motion and boost muscle involvement
  • Variable resistance improves safety and performance on many machines
  • ¾” Marine Grade layered plywood subsurface on upholstered pads
  • Range of Motion (ROM) adjustments where applicable on select machines
  • Angled Foot plates and hand grips where needed to reduce joint stress
  • Vinyl covered rollers with end caps prevent possible injury from passers by
  • Floor protecting rubber feet (on LC Model machines)
  • Foam Underlay applied beneath 32 oz. Heavy Marine Grade Upholstery for extended comfort and long lasting wear even in heavy use gyms
  • Weight Stack pins with lanyard keep the pin in place during the exercise motion
  • Non-Slip Rubber handles / grips for comfort and safety
  • Smooth Pneumatic EZ pop pin adjustments
  • Superior comfort and conditioning results
  • Pre-Stretch start position on select machines maximizes muscle range of motion
  • ISO9000 Certification – All Impact Fitness Equipment meets the International Quality Management Standards for granting ISO9000 certification

Written by Bill at BAMPSCO International Inc. /