Finding the Right Commercial Gym Equipment for Your New Gym

When you are opening a gym, you have a lot of decisions to make.  Some vital considerations are the type of gym that you are wanting to own, the size of building that’s needed for your specific type of new gym and the proper type and amount of commercial gym equipment that you will need.  This article addresses the type and amount of gym machines and other commercial gym equipment that are important for you to own and operate a successful gym.

As in most industries, in the fitness industry there are various grades of gym equipment, each suited for a specific type of use.  The three general categories of gym equipment are: Residential Gym Equipment, Light Commercial Gym Equipment and Full Commercial Gym Equipment.

Residential gym equipment is made for private home use.  As such, it is built for use by one or a very few family members, generally not all at the same time, and constructed of a lighter gauge steel wall tubing than what you will find in commercial gym equipment.

Commercial gym equipment is manufactured to withstand consistent use by various people of different body types and weight.  A gym machine in a gym setting needs to be able to be used throughout the open hours of the gym and by several people day in and day out.

Light commercial gym equipment is made for small facilities and those where the equipment will not be used for over a certain amount of hours per day as specified by the manufacturer.

Full commercial gym equipment is what is needed for full scale gyms, gyms that are open for the greater part of the day and places that will be using the equipment regularly and by a lot of members.

Manufacturers will warranty their gym equipment with respect to the type of facility that it is going to be used in, so it’s essential that you purchase the right commercial gym equipment that the manufacturer will stand behind with its warranty for your specific application.

The absolute best way for you to find the right commercial gym equipment for you, (along with the right amount of gym equipment that you will need), is to find and work with a reputable company who specializes in helping people like you start their new gym.  A company who truly specializes in opening new gyms is far different than a fitness equipment retail store, a commercial commission sales rep or one of the hundreds of websites that sell several brands of gym machines and other gym equipment to anyone who wants to purchase it.

A new gym specialist will work closely with you to achieve specifically what you need.  They will have the knowledge to advise you in all aspects of opening a new gym while directly helping you by providing you with the right commercial gym equipment choice at a significant savings.

Look for a new gym specialist company who is able to provide you with well honed insight built on years of industry experience, has established relationships with various manufacturers that gives them excellent buying power and is readily available to you throughout your gym opening experience.  The right new gym specialist will be able to provide you the right commercial gym equipment at discounted pricing along with consulting and other services to help your gym become a great success.

Your first step in finding the right commercial gym equipment for your new gym is to contact a new gym specialist.  It’s the difference between choosing a skilled craftsman to build your home or using unskilled laborers and it can make all the difference to you and to the success of your new gym.

Written by Bill at BAMPSCO International Inc. /