Crossfit Iron Man Training Tower

Want to have the hottest new piece of crossfit equipment around? Want to be “cutting edge?”, Looking to have a “leg up” on the other fitness centers in town? Or simply want the best? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, our IMPACT Fitness Equipment “Iron Man” Training Tower is a must for you!

Here’s a list of the Top 5 Gym types that absolutely must pick up one of these crossfit training towers today!

1) Co-Ed Gyms
There are few more popular trends in the health industry than CrossFit. Our Iron Man Training Tower is ideal not only for CrossFit gyms, but also for larger traditional gyms that want to offer some CrossFit style training to retain current members and attract new members. And with a modern, stylish, bent tubing design, our Iron Man Tower will fit in nicely with the rest of your club.

2) Boxing / MMA Gyms
With a resurge in interest in boxing for fitness and in mixed martial arts, now is a great time to own and operate a boxing / MMA focused gym. These “hardcore” workout facilities have differentiated themselves enough from the “big box” gyms and the small personal training and cross fit studios enough to fit a niche that has been underserved in recent years. If you’re looking to cash in on this latest trend (or if you want to add a boxing element to your already existing gym) our Iron Man training tower is a “no-brainer.”  Simply adding this piece to your floor already creates both a strength training center tailor-made for “fight training” and a great “cardio bag,” perfect for those who are looking to burn pounds by punching off the weight.

Boxing and MMA for crossfit experts

3) Cross Fit Clubs
If you want to open a no-frills CrossFit style workout facility, the Iron Man Training Tower is an absolute must. With a compact, low profile design, featuring a165 lb weight stack, the Iron Man Tower will provide your members with a wide variety of exercise options. Everything from more traditional exercises to innovative, modern twists on old favorites are supported within one piece. If you want to best all-in-one gym to set your facility off from the competition by providing the best in functional training? This is it.

Cross Fit

4) Personal Training Studios
Loaded with over 50 exercises, our Iron Man Tower offers all the flexibility your studio needs in minimum space. You can train multiple clients at one time. One person might be blasting lats with a chest supported mid row, while another person burns fat by pounding away on the cardio bag. Meanwhile, a third client is sweating on one of the four TRX suspension systems, while yet another is working the battle rope before hitting the floor agility ladder for speed enhancement training. With the Iron Man Training Tower, the possibilities are nearly limitless!

5) Sports Training Facilities
Your athletes want the best in high performance training. Offering the same old equipment everyone has been offering for the last twenty years isn’t going to cut it. Enter the Iron Man Training Tower, with its stylish red and black frame this piece screams “performance.” Aerobic steps, boxing bagsm stability balls, plyo-boxes, agility ladders, and more make this the best piece of equipment for athletes of all stripes!

Check out the Iron Man Training Tower and ask yourself, do I want to have the best fitness center in town? Do I want something unique to draw in the crowds? If so, get in touch with us today!



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Written by Nathan at BAMPSCO International Inc. /