Serious About Your Crossfit Training? – This is the piece of gym equipment for YOU!


Any gym owner specializing in high performance training, Cross fit training, enhanced sports performance training or functional crosfit training needs to look no further than the Impact Fitness Fully Loaded Iron Man Training Tower.  This monster training center has all that you need for group training sessions as well as individual skills development training.

The heavy gauge red steel frame of the Iron Man Training Tower makes a statement in any gym setting that this is where the serious training takes place.  The Iron Man Training Tower has a power rack featuring gun rack take offs on one end and a dual adjustable pulley functional trainer on the other end.  Connecting these two is a monkey bar horizontal ladder that also can be used with the suspension training system (included with the Tower).

Cardio boxing enthusiasts will love pounding away on the heavy bag and the double end reflex training bag.  Hardcore strength training is easily accomplished here with the T-Bar row, the land mine, battle rope and more.

Looking for core development?  There are medicine balls, a rebounder, kettle bells, resistance bands, plyometric step up…the list goes on and on.

The Iron Man Training Tower is ideal for Crossfit Gyms to use for training classes in a fast paced station- to-station 30 minute training regimen hitting all aspects of strength, speed and agility training.

The Iron Man Training Tower is available to you only through BAMPSCO International Inc. at or


LC9000L Loaded Iron Man Training Tower

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*weight plates pictured above are not included with tower

The Iron Man Training Tower comes with the following benefits and abilities.

  • All in one training center for serious training
  • Ideal for comprehensive dynamic group training
  • Provides a one stop solution to improve balance, speed and power
  • Heavy Duty steel gauge framework allows for several users to train with confidence
  • Functional Trainer with (2) Adjustable Pulley Columns and Comfort Grip Handles
  • (2) 165 lb. weight stacks for Functional Trainer
  • Power Rack with convenient Gun Rack style takeoffs
  • (4) TRX Suspension Systems
  • Horizontal Ladder for upper body development and eye hand coordination
  • (1) Double End Striking Agility Training Bag (Black)
  • (1) Cardio Boxing Bag (Black)
  • (3) Olympic Bars – 1 for the Power Rack, 1 for the Land Mine, 1 for the T-Bar Row
  • (1) 65cm Stability Exercise Ball
  • (1) Aerobic Step
  • (1 SET) Medicine Balls – 1 each 3, 4 and 5 kgs
  • (1) Rebounder for use with Medicine Balls
  • (1) Plyometric Platform easily adjusts for users to increase their jumping ability
  • (1 SET) Resistance Bands – 1 each red, black, green and blue for varied resistance
  • (1) Adjustable Dipping Station to increase tricep strength
  • (1) Battle Rope – 12 meters (approximately 39 feet)
  • (1 SET) Kettlebells – 1 each 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 kg
  • (2) Integrated Storage Shelves for kettlebells
  • (1) Floor Agility Ladder for speed enhancement training
  • (2) Integrated Storage Shelves with Hanging Racks for additional items
  • (3) Attachment Accessory Handles
  • Weight Stack Shrouds provide added safety for Functional Trainer
  • Rubber Encased Dual Grip T-Bar Row Handle for wide grip and close grip rows
  • Stylish Red and Black Frame as shown in above picture
  • Easy Adjust Power Rack Safeties
  • Design allows for several simultaneous users without interference
  • Approximate DIMS: 12.5’L x 9’W x 8.75’H WT: 408 lbs.

Written by Bill at BAMPSCO International Inc. /