Triumph Series



Premier Full Commercial Strength Equipment for those looking for the very best in state of the art design, safety and function

IMPACT FITNESS EQUIPMENT’s TRIUMPH SERIES strength line is precision engineered offering the ultimate in high end design and function for premier gyms and fitness centers. Check out the long list of features that are built into this excellent range of fitness equipment that feature the highest quality materials and component parts, the elegant look of the IMPACT FITNESS Triumph Series turns any gym into a beautiful showroom of biomechanically sound strength equipment.

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  • Precision Welded Laser Cut Full Commercial 2 x 4 11 gauge (120 wall) high tensile Oval Steel tubing frames.
  • Unbreakable Proprietary Solid Steel Bar Weight Stacks with magnetic tip selector pins.
  • Converging and Diverging axes correctly align the user’s joints for a natural, comfortable feel throughout the exercise path of motion
  • All equipment is designed to meet the user requirements for all types of users
  • Easy to Understand detailed instructional placards minimize the need for staff supervision and help members “get it right” the first time
  • 2 ½” thick Super Dense Compressed Rubber / Foam Padding provides extended wear life and allows for an extra firm yet comfortable training experience
  • Variable resistance Cams and Counterweights ensure a proper strength training curve for safer, more comfortable workouts
  • Front Weight Stack Enclosure constructed of heavy duty translucent integrated PMMA panel provides the optimum in tensile and flexural strength while adding to the high end aesthetics of the machines
  • Pivot Points are precisely positioned to align the user’s joints to the machine for correct body positioning and to vastly reduce major joint stress
  • Rear Weight Stack Enclosure made of 16 gauge steel with durable powder coated finish provides extra privacy for users and added structural integrity
  • Stylish Neutral Marine Blue Upholstery on Matte Finish Silver Frames brightens your facility for a welcoming workout experience
  • Rubber Encased Sealed Linear Bearings provide a quiet and smooth operation
  • Full selection of Single function, Dual function, Free Weight and Plate Loaded Equipment for a complete gym
  • All Pivot Points are highlighted in yellow to show the moving functions for safety
  • Nickel Plated Laser Cut high resistant wear surfaces on bar holders protect the frame finish and add to the luster of the equipment
  • Smooth gas assisted Pneumatic EZ pop pin adjustments
  • Double Stitched Upholstery maintains proper pad shape and increases wear life
  • Foam Underlay applied beneath 32 oz. Heavy Marine Grade Upholstery for extended comfort and long lasting wear even in heavy use gyms
  • Wide range of adjustments to accommodate various users
  • Fiberglas reinforced nylon pulleys are precision matched to specific cable diameter
  • Swiveling Handles ease wrist tension and strain and allow for continual proper hand positioning throughout the exercise motion
  • Range of Motion (ROM) adjustments featured on select machines
  • Integrated Nickel Plated Weight Storage Posts on Olympic Benches and more
  • Aerospace Industry Nickel Plated bolts and locking washers
  • Angled Foot plates and hand grips where needed to reduce ankle and wrist joint stress
  • Vinyl covered rollers with end caps prevent possible injury from passers by
  • Aluminum flanged end caps on handles and Non-Slip Rubber Oversized Hand Grips provide both safety and comfort
  • Pre-Stretch start position on select machines maximizes muscle range of motion
  • Large Rubber Feet protect floor surface and provide increased stability
  • ¾” Marine Grade layered plywood subsurface on upholstered pads
  • All equipment features bolt-down holes for those who need to affix the equipment to their floor
  • All equipment comes serialized for parts replacement
  • Additional handles where needed for easy entry / access to equipment
  • Full Metal Support Frame under the entire pad allows full support for even larger and heavier users
  • ISO9000 Certification – All Impact Fitness Equipment meets the International Quality Management Standards for granting ISO9000 certification