Triumph Series TH6730 – Independent Diverging Seated Row

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  • Diverging axes plane of motion replicates natural strength curve for targeted mid-back development
  • Independent Arms allow user to compensate for strength discrepancies
  • Rubber Encased Sealed Roller Bearings provide the utmost in quietness and smoothness
  • Full Metal Support Frame under pads allows full support for even larger and heavier users
  • Angled Diamond Plated Foot Rest
  • Contoured Padding
  • Nickel Plated Weight Posts
  • Dual Adjust EZ Seat and Chest Support Pads accommodate various user arm lengths for proper positioning
  • Designed for Serious Heavy Lifters
  • Angled Chest Support and Seat Pads securely position user for proper exercising
  • Large Rubber Stoppers protect frame finish at lift off points
  • 2 ½” thick Super Dense Compressed Rubber / Foam Padding provides extended wear life and allows for an extra firm yet comfortable training experience
  • Angled Rubber Handles allow for proper hand positioning
  • Rubber Bumpers at base of plate holders protect frame finish
  • Easily accessible entry / exit design accommodates even larger users
  • Floor Protecting Rubber Feet
  • Bolt down holes for facilities that require affixing equipment to floor
  • Nickel Plated Aerospace Industry bolts and locking washers
  • DIMS: 5’L x 4.5’W x 4’H WT: 214 LBS