Body-Solid GDCC250 Deluxe Selectorized Cable Crossover

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The Body-Solid GDCC250 Selectorized Deluxe Cable Crossover puts you in position to perform hundreds of strength-efficient exercises including cable crossovers, one-arm rows, leg kickbacks, tricep pressdowns, inclined fly. and more! Dual Adjustable Pulleys create various starting points for excellent positioning whether it be for a hardcore training session or for rehab work. Also features an attached Lat-Style Pull Up Bar and a wide, secure base.


  • Vertically Adjustable Pulleys – Rehab Style – allows for various starting points
  • Traveling pulleys swivel smoothly throughout a 180 degree range of motion
  • 20 independent height adjustments
  • Vertical carriage system features fiberglass reinforced nylon pulleys and locking, universal attachment connections.
  • Dual position Pull Up bar 
  • Large Oval Tubing
  • (2) 160 lb. weight stacks
  • High-density foam rubber handgrips and handles for comfort
  • Allow 164”L x 29”W floor area. 83.5” H. 516 lbs.

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