Personalized Service Guaranteed

Bill at BAMPSCO – ONLY at is proud to announce our partnership with Bill at BAMPSCO, the World’s Leading Authority in helping people to open new gyms.

Starting over 35 years ago, back in 1986, Bill at BAMPSCO has helped countless people from all walks of life all over the world to realize their dream of owning their own gym.  Bill is known for his unique, personal approach to helping people, working closely with them on their specific gym needs and developing and maintaining long term relationships that last for years into the future.  This approach has also enabled him over the decades to cultivate deep industry connections with manufacturers, lenders, shipping companies and others that now allow him to help people in ways that others cannot.

Well known for his knowledge of a gym’s equipment needs and his commitment to its success, Bill brings an attentiveness, accessibility, quick response time and honesty that is simply not found elsewhere.  He has even been known to send people to another source if he sees that he is not the best deal for them.  For those who are purchasing a Custom Discounted Equipment Package through him, he always offers FREE consulting before, during and after the gym is up and running.

Already, features a large and continually growing amount of testimonials from new gym owners and others, everyone talks about Bill at BAMPSCO and how he has helped them personally to get the perfect gym equipment Package for their facilities.  You can read them here

No matter the size of the gym or the town, you can now work directly with Bill at BAMPSCO and take advantage of his decades of experience in helping people in various parts of the world, the absolute best gym equipment, fantastic Discounted Package Pricing, free consulting services and much more.

Bill at BAMPSCO is who you need for the best help in opening your new gym and you will only find Bill at BAMPSCO at, the New Gym Specialists.