Start-Up Consulting

We are committed to developing and maintaining long term relationships with each of the people whom we work with.

We’re not in it for the quick sale.  Our Business Start-Up Consulting helps you before, during and after the purchase of your new commercial fitness equipment. Our customers purchase from us because of our company’s integrity and stability, total customer service and our system of premier gym equipment packages with discount purchasing.

Leverage our industry experience and start your gym or fitness center the right way!  Equipment Financing can be applied for online; quickly and securely.  Get Pre-Approved Today!

Here are the top five advantages that we have over the other online fitness equipment dealers:

1. Our deep industry connections developed over years in the fitness equipment sales business. These connections with equipment manufacturers and others in the industry allow us to offer great discounted pricing to our customers.

2. Our personal attention and availability. We personally work with our customers to find the right mix of fitness equipment for their specific needs. We respond to our customers promptly and are very easy to contact and speak with.

3. Our years in the business. By having helped people start up new gyms over the years, they can rely on our industry experience to help guide them in the right direction.

4. Our long term commitment to our customers. We work under the philosophy of developing and maintaining a long term relationship with our customers. We’re not in it for the quick sale.

5. Our Complete Discounted Package Pricing. Unlike other fitness equipment sales companies, we work with packages of equipment which allow our customers to take advantage of volume discount purchasing. It’s similar to buying from Costco or Sams, where your per item price is cheaper because you are buying in bulk.