Part 2 – How Much Does Gym Equipment Cost?


This second part of the series “How Much Does Gym Equipment Cost?” shows you how to get the most gym equipment for your money.

When opening a new gym, there are a lot of choices for where to purchase your gym equipment and there are a lot of people and companies trying to convince you that they are your place to purchase from. As a New Gym Specialist, a fundamental aspect of my job is to make sure that each person that I help gets the absolute best deal on their gym equipment.

Whether your new gym is a 24/7 coed gym, a personal training studio, a womens only gym, a crossfit gym, a corporate fitness center, an apartment complex fitness center, a sports performance gym or another type of training center, there are 3 Main Ingredients to getting your best deal on your gym equipment.

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The 3 Main Ingredients to Getting Your Best Deal On Gym Equipment Are:

  1. Only Purchase New Equipment
  2. Only Purchase as a Complete Package
  3. Only Purchase through a New Gym Specialist

We will take a look at each of these key factors so that you will be able to make the right decision in purchasing your gym equipment for your new gym.

Only Purchase New Equipment

The misguided notion of saving money by opening your new gym with used gym equipment was discussed in Part 1 of this series. As a recap, there are many places to cut costs when you open a new gym, but purchasing used gym equipment is NOT one of them. Issues from lack of proper full manufacturers’ warranty coverage, to outdated designs, to presenting a poor first impression on prospective members are just some of the several reasons why used gym equipment is no bargain for anyone who is serious about opening a new gym and successfully operating a gym for years.

As mentioned in Part 1 of this series, a New Gym Specialist will be able to provide you with the right equipment at the right deal so that you can open your new gym with new gym equipment and with confidence.


Only Purchase as a Complete Package

This is extremely important in getting your best deal for your new gym equipment. Complete Package Purchasing allows you to take advantage of bulk discounted pricing while you still get everything that you need for your new gym. Similar to purchasing in bulk at Costco or Sam’s Club, with Complete Gym Equipment Package Purchasing, the more that you purchase the greater your overall discount. Since you need several products to properly equip your new gym so that all types of people can train there, you will be buying many things anyway. By getting the bulk of what you need from a single source as a Complete Package, you will be able to take advantage of significant total savings.

Note: Just because someone throws an assortment of products into a quote for you, does NOT make it a true Package deal. A Complete Package is the product of studying the right equipment types, the right amount and mix of equipment and the right accessory products to fit a specific type of training facility. These factors are all finely tuned and then worked into a Discounted Package with the percentage of discount varying between each product and culminating in a total Discounted Package Price.

A true Discounted Complete Package will also include the shipping and on-site assembly into the Package so that these things can also be discounted. Be careful of someone who is offering you what appears to be a great discounted price on your equipment and then hammers you with a high shipping and assembly cost so that they can make a higher profit. Make sure that everything is included in your Discounted Package – even the shipping and assembly.


Only Purchase through a New Gym Specialist

A New Gym Specialist is specifically trained to help people to open their new gym and is your most valuable asset in purchasing your gym equipment and in getting just the right Complete Package for you. Through years of working in the industry, a New Gym Specialist will have the knowledge, skills and connections to make your gym equipment purchase simple and effective.

More importantly, the right New Gym Specialist will save you thousands of dollars by purchasing your Complete Package through them.

A New Gym Specialist will be able to create a Custom Complete Package specifically for you. Your new gym is special and should be treated as such. Sample Packages are a great place to start because they show you what can fit in a certain room size, or what approximately matches your budget, or what types of gym equipment are best suited for your specific type of gym. The right New Gym Specialist will then move beyond this information and work very closely with you so that your Complete Package is made just for you – and is just what you want and need for your new gym.

By using the right New Gym Specialist to create a Custom Equipment Package for you with new gym equipment, you will get the best deal for equipment for your new gym.

Part 3 in this series “how much does gym equipment cost?” will discuss the various methods of securing funds for purchasing your gym equipment.

For more information about this topic or anything associated with opening a new gym, please contact us.


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