IMPACT FITNESS EQUIPMENT is producing the finest quality exercise equipment for the commercial market, manufactured for the rigors of the commercial environment. Because a large majority of our sales are to member-driven facilities and because health clubs depend on satisfied members, IMPACT products are geared to deliver the performance and results that member’s demand.

All of our equipment is made to accommodate a 250 lb. user as well as lesser weight users safely and comfortably.  Our equipment is easy to get into, to use and to exit from and is made to remain stable even during intense workout sessions.

With 5 lines of strength equipment and a full range of cardio equipment, the IMPACT fitness brand offers everything a club owner needs, from Selectorized Machines to Treadmills, from Ab Benches to Chest Presses, we have what your customer is looking for.

IMPACT is the equipment of choice for health/fitness clubs worldwide thanks to its appeal to members and owners. It looks good, feels good, and is built tough enough to take the high levels of usage that are common in commercial environments.

  • Triumph Series TH9915 – Adjustable Cable Crossover - (150 lb weight stacks)
  • Triumph Series TH9923 – Chest Press
  • Triumph Series TH9913 – Shoulder Press
  • Pec Deck Commercial Gym Equipment
    Triumph Series TH9910D – Pec Deck
  • Triumph Series TH9911 – Bicep Curl
  • Triumph Series TH9930 – Tricep Extension
  • Triumph Series TH9920 – Lat Pull Down
  • Triumph Series TH9918 – Ab / Low Back
  • Triumph Series TH9919 – Leg Press
  • Triumph Series TH9917 – Leg Extension
  • Triumph Series TH9921A – Prone Leg Curl
  • Triumph Series TH6051 - Full Commercial Treadmill
  • Triumph Series TH7000A - Stepper

IMPACT FITNESS EQUIPMENT stands for commercial excellence. It is a statement by the fitness club owner to current and potential members that safe and effective exercise is the hallmark of their facility.  Wow your clients today, with IMPACT Fitness brand equipment.

Every finished piece has a serial number for full traceability.  This serialization also makes it easy to replace a specific part if it becomes necessary.

Quantity Manufacturing
All of our manufacturing is done in quantities.  This allows for precise engineering and for production and maintenance of an inventory for faster lead times than the industry standard.

ISO9001 Compliant
All of our equipment, (strength and cardio), is in adherence with ISO Worldwide Manufacturing Guidelines.  Every piece of equipment can be traced back to us, the manufacturer.

Total Customer Service
We support our Dealers with our proactive approach to their needs, quickly responding to their requests.  We are committed to developing and maintaining long term relationships with each of the people whom we work with.