About Athletic Vision

Athletic Vision specializes in crafting top-tier exercise equipment tailored specifically for the commercial market, designed to withstand the rigorous demands of such environments. Our primary focus lies in serving member-driven facilities and health clubs, recognizing that their success relies on satisfied patrons. Therefore, our Professional product range is meticulously engineered to deliver the high-level performance and results that members expect.

Every piece of equipment in our professional line is purpose-built for use in fully commercial gyms, with special attention given to ensuring accessibility for all users. We prioritize ease of entry, smooth usability, and seamless exit from our machines, maintaining stability even during the most intense workout sessions.

The ATHLETIC VISION brand boasts an extensive selection of cutting-edge strength equipment, complemented by an equally impressive array of cardio machines. Whether your club needs Selectorized Machines, Treadmills, Ab Benches, Chest Presses, Free Weights, or Plate Loaded equipment, we have precisely what your customers are seeking.

With its strong appeal to both members and club owners, ATHLETIC VISION has emerged as the equipment of choice for health and fitness clubs worldwide. Our products not only look and feel exceptional but also deliver outstanding performance.

Committed to Total Customer Service

At our core, we prioritize providing exceptional support to our valued Dealers. With a proactive approach, we swiftly address their needs and respond promptly to their requests. Building enduring relationships is our cornerstone, and we are dedicated to fostering long-term connections with every individual we collaborate with.

For discerning individuals seeking the epitome of state-of-the-art design, safety, and functionality, look no further than ATHLETIC VISION PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT. Merging aesthetics and movement seamlessly, our precision-engineered products offer unparalleled high-end design and functionality, making them the top choice for premier gyms and fitness centers. Both exercisers and owners find it irresistible.

Crafted with the utmost attention to quality, our equipment showcases the finest materials and component parts, ensuring superior strength and an elegant appearance. Transforming any gym into a stunning showroom of biomechanically sound strength equipment, ATHLETIC VISION PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT redefines the standard for excellence.

Highlighted Features of our Athletic Vision Professional Equipment:

  • Robust, Precision-Welded Steel Frames: Our full commercial heavy steel tubing frames not only exude a modern look but also ensure rugged durability, perfect for the contemporary fitness center.
  • Comprehensive Selection: From single function to dual function, free weight to plate loaded, and leverage equipment, we offer a complete range for a modern full commercial gym setup.
  • Smooth Operation: Thanks to linear bearings, our machines operate quietly and seamlessly, enhancing the overall workout experience.
  • Stylish Design: Our sleek silver gray and gray frame combinations, complemented by black upholstery, blend effortlessly with any gym’s color scheme.
  • Customized Resistance Curves: Variable resistance cams with counterweights on applicable machines provide safer and more comfortable workouts by ensuring proper strength training curves.
  • Optimal Range of Motion: Selected machines feature a pre-stretch start position, maximizing muscle range of motion for effective training.
  • Silky-Smooth Cable Machines: Enjoy extremely smooth motion throughout exercise movements with our cable machines.
  • Enhanced Privacy: Safety surround weight stack enclosures provide members with added privacy during their workouts.
  • User-Friendly Instruction: Easy-to-understand instructional placards minimize the need for staff supervision, empowering members to perform exercises correctly from the start.
  • Ergonomic Support: Ergonomically angled support pads maintain the user’s proper position throughout the exercise, enhancing comfort and effectiveness.
  • Natural Movement: Converging and diverging axes planes align the user’s joints correctly, delivering a natural and comfortable feel during the exercise.
  • Durable and Lustrous: High resistant wear surfaces on bar holders protect the frame finish and maintain equipment luster.
  • Focus and Rehabilitation: Various machines offer independent arm capability, allowing focused attention on specific arms or facilitating rehab work.
  • Comfortable Padding: Heavy-duty dense foam padding ensures extended wear life and provides an extra firm yet comfortable training experience.
  • Integrated Weight Storage: Integrated weight storage posts save space and keep the weights conveniently accessible.
  • Safety First: Colored touch points offer visual cues for safety during workouts.
  • Easy Adjustments: Easily adjustable pop pin adjustments and a wide range of settings accommodate various users’ needs.
  • Precision Pulleys: Our pulleys are meticulously matched to specific cable diameters, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Customized Range of Motion: Select machines feature range of motion (ROM) adjustments for targeted training.
  • Joint-Friendly Design: Ergonomically angled hand grips and foot plates reduce wrist and ankle joint stress during exercises.
  • Safety and Comfort: Non-slip hand grips offer both safety and comfort during workouts.
  • Stable Base: All equipment is designed with a stable base to ensure safety during exercises.
  • Built for Commercial Use: Our equipment meets all user requirements for a full commercial gym environment.
  • Personalized Packages: Contact us today to customize an Athletic Vision professional equipment package tailored to your gym’s specific needs.

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As a fitness club owner, it serves as a powerful statement to both current and potential members that your facility prioritizes safe and effective exercise. Elevate your clients’ fitness journey today with the exceptional quality of the ATHLETIC VISION brand equipment.

In a strategic partnership, Athletic Vision has joined forces with BAMPSCO International Inc. / Gymstarters to serve as the provider of their professional Prestige, Force, and Performance lines of state-of-the-art commercial gym equipment. Together, we are committed to elevating the fitness experience for gym-goers around the globe.